Eastern Oak Bullet Gall

Subject: What sort of gall is this?
Location: Northeast Tennessee
March 28, 2014 7:47 pm
I found this gall on what I believe to be a small oak tree in my backyard. I’m not very familiar with the various types of galls, but I know that they can be caused by wasp larvae or fungi. I’m curious to know the origin of this one.
Signature: Erin

Eastern Oak Bullet Gall
Eastern Oak Bullet Gall

Dear Erin,
We believe this is an Eastern Oak Bullet Gall, which we found pictured on the Henderson State University Plant Gall Page.  It is described as:  “smooth, spherical galls approximately 1/2 inch in diameter produced by a wasp of the genus
Disholcaspis. These galls are very hard because they form from the tough, woody tissues of twigs.”  According to BugGuide, the species Disholcaspis quercusglobulus:  “Forms round, detachable twig galls, 8-15 mm in diameter, singly or in small clusters, on white oak (Quercus alba).”

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