Eastern Lubber Grasshopper Hatchlings

Subject: Orange grasshopper Florida
Location: 27.3724769,-80.3443463
February 23, 2015 1:23 pm
We saw a few dozen of these on the base of a tree by a southeastern river hammock near the natural fall-line about 5 miles inland from the Indian River lagoon. It is not listed on insectidentification.org, and 10-15 mins of web searching yielded nothing that closely resembled what I saw. Sorry for the poor quality image, but I did not have my good cameras with me (we were fishing), so a cellphone cam is the best I could do. The appearance of these grasshoppers is unique enough to be identifiable, even with the poor image.
Thanks for any info you may be able to offer.
Signature: RetroJoe

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper Hatchlings
Eastern Lubber Grasshopper Hatchlings

Dear RetroJoe,
These are recently hatched Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers,
Romalea microptera, a common flightless species in the south with two color variations.

Thanks, Daniel!
I thought that was the most likely possibility, but I had not seen them in such an early phase before.
Thanks again,

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