Eastern Boxelder Bugs emerge from hibernation

what bug is this?
Location: sunderland, Massachusetts
April 3, 2011 10:55 am
hi there, we just found a swarm of these bugs trying to invade our mother’s house. We’ve only seen them around here recently, but don’t know what they are.
They appear to have nested in a crack in the foundation under her front door. While most are outside have worked their way into the house.
they are just under half inch long. Their body is black. they have a red back, and when the wings are closed, a red stipe is still visible between the folded wings. Although they can fly, most are walking around on the walls, doors, etc. Can you please let us figure out what kind they are?
thank you
Signature: mc

Eastern Boxelder Bug

Dear mc,
You have an aggregation of Eastern Boxelder Bugs which have just emerged from hibernation.  When weather begins to cool, Eastern Boxelder Bugs seek shelter and they have adapted to cohabitation with humans.  Cracks in foundations are frequently used as entry to homes where the Eastern Boxelder Bugs remain dormant until warm sunny spring days.  Then they emerge and sun themselves on southern facing exposures.  Eastern Boxelder Bugs are quite benign, however they can become an annoyance if they are plentiful.

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