Eastern Blood Sucking Conenose Bug

High quality grapevine beetle photos, and eastern bloodsucking conenose (I think)
July 2, 2010
Hey bugman,
the other night I was outside taking photos of the Conenose (I believe courtesy of bugguide, thats what it is), which was sitting beside the outside light, when I suddenly heard loud buzzing. I turned around and saw what I thought to be a large june beetle and after a few rather pathetic attempts to grab it as it was flying I finally made a good attempt and caught what turned out to be a grapevine beetle instead. I was so happy as I had never found a grapevine beetle and had always wanted to. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy your website.
Michael Davis

Seymour (just south of Knoxville), Tennessee zip code 37865

Eastern Blood-Sucking Conenose Bug

Hi Michael,
Thanks for sending us your high quality photos.  We will be uploading your photos in separate postings to simplify our archives.  Our readership will benefit from your excellent image of an Eastern Blood-Sucking Conenose Bug,
Triatoma sanguisuga, which is profiled on BugGuide.

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