Update:  August 21, 2015
In 2007, we created our Nasty Reader Award because we occasionally receive rude requests and responses, and in researching an Earwig today, we stumbled upon this older posting that predated our Nasty Reader Award, and though it is not quite as virulent as other letters in this tag, we felt we could retroactively include this submission.

Need Help
Thanks a lot for nothing. I found out what type of bug it is. If you’re not going to respond then you need to take the link down. I’ve noticed that you’ve posted several bugs since I first posted this message. Is anybody ever going to respond to my message about this bug I found. I’ve searched all over the internet and no responses from anybody. Yet, I look at your site and I see new pictures and emails posted. My gosh, is it that difficult to find help!!! I am resending this message. Feel free to post on your site if you like. But, please respond and let me know what these little critters are. Thank you very much.
Chris from Huntsville, Alabama

I’ve been searching for this particular bug on your website and can’t seem to find it. It looks like the bug on your homepage on the left hand side right above ASK WTB. I’ve taken a couple of pictures and hopefully you can identify this bug for me. I’ve seen just a few in my attic and from time to time in the children’s bedroom and other parts of the house. Please Help. Attached are the pictures. Thanks,
Chris Smith

Dear Demanding Chris,
This is an Earwig. Nowhere on our site is there any guarantee that we will answer every letter. In addition to working several jobs, we are very active in community service and some days we can only post one letter, and that takes time. Just for the fun of it, we have decided to forward all the mail our site received today to you. Perhaps you can answer everyone.
P.S. Did your mommy do your homework???

Update: (08/16/2008) That was too Funny!!!
Thanks….. For a Great LOL this morning regarding this older post. I had to read it twice just to make sure I read correctly. Your answer was right on! My Daughter thought these were poisonous. I can now let her know they are not. Awesome Web site! Thanks Again,
Loxahatchee, FL

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