Dung Beetle with Dung Ball and Fanmail

Dung Beetle
Hi there.
We really enjoy your web site. I know you must get scads of pics of the common dung beetle, but I just wanted to share this one with you because he was such an industrious little guy and so determined. And also because his dung ball was absolutely perfectly round! A beautiful dung ball if there indeed can be such a thing. He was pushing this thing uphill on my daughter’s driveway and when I snapped this shot, (he was definitely between a rock and a hard place!). I did NOT place the big rock in front of his dung ball, poor thing just ended up there. I guess that is what happens when you are pushing things around backwards and not looking where you are going. Enjoy!
Marti Bailey
Weatherford, Texas
P.S. I went back to check on him a few minutes later and he was gone. I guess he finally found his destination. Whew! What a treck!

Hi Marti,
If memory serves us correctly, this is the only photo we have ever received of a Dung Beetle with a Dung Ball.

Fanmail Comment (07/29/2007)
Dear Daniel and Lisa Anne,
I wrote you a fan mail awhile back – I still look at your site every day. Today I was utterly delighted to see a photo of a dung beetle rolling its perfectly round dung ball. My father is an acarologist specializing in phoretic mites partial to dung beetles. 20 years ago almost to the day, I traveled with my father to the magnificent Camargue Natural Reserve in southern France to observe dung beetles rolling those magnificent balls. Somewhere I have a hilarious photo that my mother took of my father taking a photo of a little beetle and ball. I wish I had it to send to you. But alas, you are busy. Sorry for the blather, I was just so happy to see that photo. Yours for eternity 🙂

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