Dung Beetle from South Africa

Rhino Beetle
Location:  Kruger national Park, South Africa
February 2014
Thought I’d send my prize photo of a rhino beetle.   It was on the same wall as the Southern Cat’s-Eyed Emperor moth, but on a different night.  I was told by a guide that I am very lucky to have seen this beetle.   Trying to photograph it at night under CFLs was a trick.
Thanks again for IDing the moth.

Dung Beetle
Dung Beetle

Hi Jeanne,
We believe this is a Dung Beetle, not a Rhino Beetle.  Both are classified as Scarab Beetles.  It might be
Copris elphener which is pictured on PHotograph s from South Africa.

Oh, rats!   I see what you mean.   But when I Googled rhino beetle, I saw photos identical to mine.   Oh,well, I find dung beetles fascinating.

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