Dung Beetle from South Africa

Subject: Please help to identify this beetle
Location: Farm Malmesbury Western Cape South Africa
November 20, 2012 9:57 am
Hi There!
My name is Marzanne, I live in Western Cape South Africa on a farm. This morning before work i stepped outside and saw this beetle. I first thought that it was a deathwatch beetle as it played dead when i touched it but then it made a screeching sound too.
Google is not giving me alot of awnsers can you please help? Thank you.
Kind Regards

Dung Beetle we believe

Hi Marzanne,
This is some species of Scarab Beetle, and we believe it is most likely a Dung Beetle.  We will be leaving the office for several days for the Thanksgiving Holiday and we are preparing your submission to post live to our site later in the week.  It somewhat resembles the image on Zimbabwe Absurdity which states:  “There are no less than 17 species of dung beetles listed in my Field Guide to Insects of South Africa. Just goes to show how useful s**t can be! ”  Dung Beetles often work singly or in pairs to roll a ball of fresh animal dung that is used to lay an egg.

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