Dung Beetle

Xyloryctes Jamaicensis????
I am a huge fan of What’s That Bug! What a great site and service… And so, I have been trying to figure out what kind of beetle I have found. It had flown into a window at night attracted to the light. It was in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Based on the fact that it has the ridges on its back plates I thought it was a Xyloryctes jamaicensis but one source said that the non-horned female does not fly. This one did… oh, and it was about 2 inches long… Thanks so much

Hi JB,
We don’t know what your source is that female Rhinoceros Beetles, Xyloryctes jamaicensis, do not fly. There is an image on BugGuide from North Carolina that was attracted to lights. We checked with Eric Eaton regarding this identification and he responded thus: “Well, the description was a bit misleading. The critter is about an inch long, but very robust and bulky. It is a dung beetle, more precisely, Dichotomius carolinus. They are indeed attracted to lights at night, and fly quite well. As far as I know, even female rhinoceros beetles can fly, too. Eric”

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