I call him Perry – what would you call him?
Location: Vancouver, BC
August 24, 2011 10:29 am
Hi Bugman,
This green bug showed up on my ceiling the other day, and returned again today (its late August). I live in a 3rd-floor apartment in Vancouver, BC.
I have never seen anything like him before – he has wings, but didn’t try to use them when I went to catch him in a glass, and then he happily clung to the side of that glass while I tried to shake him out the window. I think he looks sort of like a grasshopper, but without the giant back legs to help him hop!
Signature: Glenda

Drumming Katydid

Dear Glenda,
We have identified this Orthopteran as a male Drumming Katydid,
Meconema thalassinum, by matching it to a photo on BugGuide.  We were surprised to learn this on BugGuide:  “According to the Singing Insects of North Americs website, the subfamily of Meconematinae is represented in the US by only one species, M. thalassinum, which has been introduced from Europe.”

Location: Canada

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  1. sweeetgeez says:

    We has A Katydid in our house, We live in the southern interior of B.C

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