Drowned Wolf Spider is life raft for her Spiderlings

Is this a wolf spider with spiderlings?
August 31, 2009
I was wondering what kind of spider this is. You don’t have very many wolf spiders and I can’t seem to find one that looks like this. We found her in our pool. We see two or three of these spiders a week in our inground pool. She was still alive when I took the picture and the babies were too. I tried to compare the spider with other wolf spiders, but they do not look like this. Is she floating on her back with her babies on the bottom of her abdomen?
Melissa Spencer
Tuscaloosa, AL

Drowned Wolf Spider with Spiderlings
Drowned Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Hi Melissa,
This is a female Wolf Spider with Spiderlings.  Sadly, she appears to have drowned in the swimming pool, but luckily, her body is providing a raft for her Spiderlings, so she is still caring for them after death.  We actually have numerous images of Wolf Spiders on our site, but they have not been subclassified since our site migration almost a year ago.  Just last weekend we completed the subcategorization of the archived Caterpillar images, and that took hours.  We need to go through all of our Spider archived postings and further subcategorize them into Fishing Spiders, Orbweavers, Jumping Spiders, Wolf Spiders and others.  For now, you can view them using our awesome in site search engine or you may just view the uncategorized Spiders.  We hope our reply reached you in time, or that your rescued the living Spiderlings before getting our response.  Unfortunately, the backyard swimming pool is a death trap for countless insects.  In Southern California, we frequently receive images of drowned male California Trapdoor Spiders that have stumbled into the pool in search of a mate.

1 thought on “Drowned Wolf Spider is life raft for her Spiderlings”

  1. How very poignant

    Adrift afloat
    a lonely little spider boat
    vigilance, mortality
    a dying spider wants to be
    an albatross
    on stormy seas
    the haunting rift
    of progeny


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