Drowned Darkling Beetles from Dubai: Tok-Tokkies

Can you identify this please?
Location: Dubai
November 29, 2010 8:48 am
Hi there, i live in Dubai and found these 2 little fellow’s floating in the pool this morning. Well, i say little, they were actually quite big as you can see from the pitures. And very black! Ive never seen beetles that big before so i fished them out and too pictures. Any idea as to what kind they are? Thanks.
Signature: Dee

Drowned Darkling Beetles

Dear Dee,
We believe your beetles are Darkling Beetles in the family Tenebrionidae.  Though it only covers North American species, you may read more about Darkling Beetles on BugGuide.  Swimming Pools are notorious death traps for insects and other small creatures that forage about at night.

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  1. Genus may be Eupenzus
    In Southern Africa, they’re referred to as Tok-Tokkies because of the tapping of the hard underside of their abdomen.


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