Drawing of a Hellgrammite

Unusual Specimen
April 29, 2010
Unfortunately I don’t have an actual picture. Me and my buddy were fishing up in the san luis mountains in colorado and were looking for bait under old downed logs. We hooked what we thought was a grub worm at first. After taking a closer look, the bug appeared to have sharp clamps that could latch onto things and refuse to let go, Ive looked everywhere to find what kind of bug this may be. nothing. Maybe someone here may have some insight on what this could be. Sorry i dont have a picture 🙁 im going back up there this summer and hopefully i can find another one.
Jonathan Gage
San Luis Mountains in Colorado


Hi Jonathan,
Your excellent drawing and description leaves little doubt in our mind that you had an encounter with a Hellgrammite, the larva of a Dobsonfly, and one of the best live baits according to anglers who write to us.

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