Drawing of a large, colorful bug might be Regal Moth

Subject: Unknown bug
Location: Lubbock, tx
February 12, 2016 9:14 pm
Hello a few years ago I found this but crawling on my tree in my front yard. I was very creeped out so I ran in the house to get something to kill it and it was gone:( I don’t have a picture but I have a drawing of what It looks like. The bug was about 3-4 inches long
Signature: Carl J Young

Bug Drawing
Bug Drawing

Dear Carl,
As entomological identification drawings go, your example is lacking in critical details that would help us to identify what you observed, but we can deduce that it was very colorful, and by your description it is quite large.  Even though your drawing does not help us determine a classification, not many insects are large and colorful, but our first thoughts are that you saw either a moth, beetle, cicada or possibly a grasshopper.  Our first impression is that you might have seen a Regal Moth or Royal Walnut Moth, a species that is reported from Texas.  The Regal Moth is quite large, very colorful, and its markings are remarkably similar to your drawing.  Some other possibilities include the Eastern Hercules Beetle, which is the heaviest North American beetle, and it is found in Texas.  Annual Cicadas are quite large and they are found in Texas, and the Painted Grasshopper or Barber Pole Grasshopper is extremely colorful and found in Texas.

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