Dragonhunter Naiad

Subject: Similar to a Belostomatidae Abedus?
Location: Cedar Lake in Oscoda, MI
May 9, 2016 7:56 am
My friend found this in his minnow trap yesterday in Cedar Lake in Oscoda MI. I’ve been researching to learn exactly what it is but am still uncertain. At present, my best guess is a Giant Water Bug (Belostomatidae, genus Abedus) nymph. The uncertainty for me comes from the apparent lack of wings, serrated edges of the body, apparent lack of a protruding mouth and front legs which seem much more slender than other Belostomatidae and 2 claws on the front legs rather than a single point.
Do you know what tour bug is?
Signature: Scott

Dragonhunter Naiad
Dragonhunter Naiad

Dear Scott,
This is an aquatic nymph, but it is not a Giant Water Bug.  Rather, it is a Dragonfly Naiad, and we believe it is a Dragonhunter Naiad,
Hagenius brevistylus.  Dragonhunter Naiads are well camouflaged among fallen leaves at the bottom of ponds and slow moving streams where they are generally found prowling for prey.

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