Dragonfly Naiad caught on fishing lure

Subject:  Unidentified ugly water bug
Geographic location of the bug:  In Wakomata Lake, Ontario
Date: 08/04/2021
Time: 01:33 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello!
I was fishing in Wakomata Lake and retrieved a cast and found this bug attached to my lure!! I would love to know what it is! There’s been great debate amongst my family. I’ve been researching and the closest i found that it Might be is a hellgrammite??
How you want your letter signed:  Deanna Sanders

Dragonfly Naiad

Dear Deanna,
It is easy to confuse aquatic larvae.  This is not a Hellgrammite.  It is a Dragonfly naiad, the immature predatory nymph of a Dragonfly.  Perhaps it mistook your lure for a minnow.

Dragonfly Naiad

THAT is crazy!!
thank you so much for your feedback… we had quite a chat about it amongst ourselves. “Predatory”!!!!
Enjoy your day!!

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