Dragonfly Cannibalism

I think this is an Eastern Pondhawk female devouring a Ruby Meadowhawk- at least all the other Meadowhawks around were Ruby Meadowhawks. I never seem the see males with prey- are they less voracious or just less conspicuous? thanks- i just discovered your wonderful site.
Pam Burtt

Wow Pam,
What a great photo. We have always been under the impression that females of the species were better hunters.

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  1. Good morning,

    I heard that females are more agressive in hunting because of the extra energy needed to produce eggs.

    However, in the trip to Pennsylvania I made last August I witnessed a male Eastern Pondhawk landing on a branch with a tandem (!) of Powdered Dancers, the jaws firmly planted onto the female Dancer’s thorax; the male managed to escape after a moment but the female made the Pondhawk’s dinner.
    I have a picture of it eating the female dancer but I don’t know how to post pictures here.

    Renaud, Switzerland


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