Donation to WTB?

Subject: Donation made, thanks
March 3, 2014 9:04 pm
Thank you for your prompt identification of the Huntsman from Tortola.  No there has not been any publicity about your site in Tortola that I know of.  Just a coincidence that you got another Tortola submission. (here is another coincidence: I had been considering submitting a photo of those same red bugs myself!) I have been aware of WhatsThatBug for some time, and in fact submitted a photo of a WhipScorpion some time ago.  I just made a donation today, reference number 24F39830AJ0773056 in recognition of your work.  Thank you!    RD
Signature: RD

Dear RD,
Thanks for your generosity.  Your Whipscorpion image dates to 2008, so you have been a reader for some time. 

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