please help identify this spider before her egg sac hatches!!!!
i recently noticed this spider in my garage, flanked by not one, but two egg sacs. i’m not too keen on having one (poisonous??) spider around, but the thought of all those little baby spiders running around is too much to handle!! can you please tell me what kind of spider this is?? she’s not all that big, round, and definitely shiny. thanks for the site, it rocks!!!

Hi Dana,
Even if you got rid of your Domestic Spider, Theridion tepidariorum, and her eggs, her relatives would most assuredly move in. The Domestic Spider earns her common name. Comstock writes: “Of all the spiders that inhabit our dwellings this is the most familiar, and consequently best merits the title of the Domestic Spider. The tangle of threads can be found in almost any neglected room, throughout the length and breadth of our country; and the species is not limited to our country for it is almost a cosmopolite. This is an exceedingly variable species in colour and markings.” Your specimen has very definite marking unlike any we have previously seen. While all spiders possess venom, the Domestic Spider is no threat to humans. Just let her raise her family and they will help control true pests that enter you home.

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  1. LWinkler says:

    So I recently found out that my garage has quite few of these spiders and I’ve seen several of their spiderlings also… is it possible I have an infestation? Should I call an exterminator to come out to check into it or just leave them be? We use the garage daily as I park my suv and next to mine is my husband’s suv which he is in the process of working on fixing up. I’ve noticed several spiders/spiderlings up underneath the chassis and in/along the tires/tire tread of my husband’s suv that doesn’t move as well as along the edges of the garage where random items lay, such as a work bench for example. I can easily spot the spider’s homes’ by the accumulation of rolly polly shells that collect in a pile on the floor. My husband recently sprayed for the rolly polly infestation that we had outside and it seem as though my husband took away the spider’s main food supply and since that’s happened they’re starting to come out of the wood works to where I’m seeing them everywhere! What should I do? PLEASE HELP!

  2. LWinkler says:

    I’m in Burleson, Texas (south of Fort Worth, Texas)… I forgot to include that in my previous comment/post/question. Thanks!

  3. Lana Winkler says:

    Okay, so what do you recommend I do to rid my garage of them? Or are they a good spider to have around to keep all the other bugs out? I’ve done a little research and they seem to be harmless and eat all the bugs, but I’m terrified that they’re going to come into my living areas and with my OCD, I can’t be having that… especially around my 2y and 9mo old children. Thanks so much!!

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