Diurnal Leaf Skeletonizing Moth from Vietnam: Phauda flammans

Subject: mothID please
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
June 8, 2015 3:51 am
While at the Co Loa Citadel, Hanoi, May 2015, I was accosted by this gorgeous moth (and 10,000of his friends). I would really appreciate an ID a bit closer than “One of the Tiger Moth” spp.
Have a great day and keep smiling.
Signature: Fof

Diurnal Leaf Skeletonizing Moth
Diurnal Leaf Skeletonizing Moth

Dear Fof,
Our initial impression was the same as your thought that this is a Tiger Moth, but as we researched, we located a matching image on PhotoBucket identifying the species as
Phauda flammans, and we then located another image on FlickR of a mating pair.  Animal Diversity Web provided us with the family Zygaenidae, which are the Leaf Skeletonizing Moths, though it is actually the caterpillars that skeletonize the leaves.  This is a diurnal species of moth that flies during the day. 

Daniel, g’day
Wow! That was, to put it bluntly, spectacular not only the speed of response, but the ability to hit the nail bang on the head.
Thank you very much for your assistance with this ID.
Have a good day and keep smiling.

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