Diurnal Fairy Moth

Subject: Identification needed
Location: Near Astoria, Oregon
November 30, 2016 3:49 am
I am an amature photographer and love to do maco photography of insects. Last may (2016) I took the attached photo of a flying insect landing on a very small white common daisy. The enclosed picture is modified only sparsely. The iridescent sparkle of the insect I found to be fascinating. It was in the soft sunlight and the colors have not been tweaked– only enhanced slightly.
I have it labeled as a mayfly–which I realize is incorrect.
The insect was found in Oregon near the Oregon coast at a rest stop on the way to Astoria, Oregon. The date was May 15, 2016.
Signature: Randy Day

Fairy Moth
Fairy Moth

Dear Randy,
Since it took you over six months to send this image to us for identification, we figure you would forgive us for taking three weeks to respond.  We were dealing with a heavy work load at the end of the semester, and we are now trying to catch up a bit on unanswered mail.  This is not a Mayfly as you have already guessed.  It is a Fairy Moth in the family Adelidae, and we are pretty certain it is in the genus
Adela based on this BugGuide image.  Fairy Moths are described on BugGuide as being “Small moths with very long antennae (3 times as long as forewing in males; 1-2 times as long as forewing in females).”

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