Diminutive Cicada from Brazil

Smallest cicada from Brazil/ Blog of brazilian cicadas

Tiny Cicada on the beach in Brazil

Smallest cicada from Brazil/ Blog of brazilian cicadas
Location: Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil
December 19, 2010 12:11 pm
Hi Bugman, how are you??
After searching like hell the ID of the last cicada i posted here, i’m quite sure it is a Fidicina pronoe, based on this document (http://www.scielo.br/pdf/aseb/v26n1/v26n1a18.pdf). I’m here to post a picture of the smallest cicada i have ever found in Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil. It is a Carineta fasciculata, and it is less than 1/2 inch long (about 1 cm, or even less). I believe this could be the world’s smallest cicada, but i need you to confirm that. Can you??
Thank you very much!!
PS: Please publish my blog’s address!!! I have a lot of pictures of Brazilian cicadas, so you can have some fun visiting it! The only problem is that it’s only in portuguese, but i’ll try to translate it to english! Thank you again!
Signature: Franco (Cicada Lover)

tiny Cicada

Dear Franco,
Thank you so much for doing the research on your Cicada species.  In California, we have seen very tiny Cicadas, about a centimeter long, in the desert in Joshua Tree National Park, but we would have to do some research to be able to answer your question about the world’s smallest Cicada.  We will gladly link to your blog, but we hope the increased traffic doesn’t crash your server.

tiny Cicada from Brazil

Correction from Franco
January 25, 2011
Hey Daniel, i’m sorry, but i misidentified the cicada i posted. It is not a Carineta fasciculata, but it is a Taphura sp (i say so because i found a picture of a real Carineta fasciculata, and it is very bigger than the one i posted). How can i say now that it is a Taphura sp? Based on its diminutive size, on pics i saw on the internet and on a document (http://pgentomologia.ffclrp.usp.br/pdf/2008/Douglas%20Bottura.pdf ) that refers to Taphura sp as a very common species in Brazil. Attached to this letter i send you  new pics of a Taphura sp (did you note the resemblance with Beameria venosa?), including its measure (9mm!!!).
Have a nice year!!!

Brazilian Cicada: Taphura sp

Thanks for the information Franco.

Thanks for posting my update, but i forgot to tell that the green cicada i attached to the e-mail (the upper pic) is not a Taphura sp, but a Carineta fasciculata. Taphura sp is just the picture below (with the scale).
Thanks again and sorry for that mistake.

We will create a new post.

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