Digger Wasp

What is this Bug?
I found this bug near Oracle Az. Was wondering what it is.

We believe your beautiful Red Tailed Wasp is a Digger Wasp, Scolia dubia. The female digs a nest in the ground and provisions it with beetle larvae. We will contact Eric Eaton who lives in Arizona to see if he can confirm our identification. Here is what Eric has to say: ” Hi, Daniel: I think Earthlink owes you an explanation! I mean a ‘better’ one:-) Geez. Hey, feel free to divert folks to Bugguide where they can “post their own,” if that would help you any. The wasp: Right genus, but wrong species. It is a male (long, straight antennae, small body) Scolia ardens. They are quite common right now. I have taken them on blooming eucalyptus here in town, and blooming salt cedar in another part of the county. I almost miss hearing from you so often:-( Keep up the great work. Eric”

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    • Possible, if taken down into the throat, fatality could occur by choking/swelling. In 1835 an assassin came with two single shot pistols trying to kill President Jackson. Both misfired. The chances of 2 people being killed in the same place by swallowing one of these wasps is about as likely as the fact that both those guns misfired.

  1. I have them in Warwick, RI, flying in swarms of 5-6 and tormenting me relentlessly as I try to get from my driveway to the house. I am severely handicapped and these wasps just add to the danger factor. They clearly are agitated and furious at me. They want to sting.

  2. I just discovered two in two different areas of my flower garden seem nonagressive just wondering how fast they multiply n if any potential problems to be concerned about. I’m hoping they will help control bugs

    • Digger Wasps help to control Scarab Beetle populations, including Japanese Beetles, because they prey on the grubs. If there are more wasps, it is only because the beetle population will support more wasps.

  3. May I have more information about this bug please. My younger brother is deathly allergic to wasp and bee stings. Hes caught this bug in our window and brought it to me in a jar. I dont want him stung. Thank you.

  4. Is this pic a Digger Wasp? I have thousands of them on my front lawn. Ps I also had thousands of Japanese Beatles on my front yard earlier in the season. Oops I can not find how to post a pic.
    Anyway, it does have the straight antenna and red tail but also has two yellow spots at the top of the red tail section.


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