Digger Wasp

Cukoo Wasp?
Hi! Love the site and I enjoy looking at all the different species of wasps. This little guy (about 1" or so) showed up in my back yard about a week ago along with about 4 million of his brothers and sisters. They seem to be dwelling in the ground. The closest thing I’ve identified them with is the Cukoo Wasp. Any ideas? Thanks.
Adam Morehart
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Hi Adam,
This is a Digger Wasp, Scolia dubia. Adult wasps prey on the grubs of June Beetles as a food source for the larval wasps.

2 thoughts on “Digger Wasp”

  1. My Daughter’s back yard is completely covered with them we can’t let my two yr old granddaughter play in the back yard of fear she will get stung by them. Do they bother humans ?

    • They are not aggressive and they do not bother humans, but we cannot predict what will happen if a two year old puts a Digger Wasp in her mouth.


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