Digger Wasp

This lovely creature and its pals visit my apple mint around noon each day. Must be their lunch counter or something. They’re about an inch long and as you can see, have beautiful irridescent blue-black wings. They’re striped like a coral snake (red touch yellow, kill a fellow) and only feast on the mints in my garden, even though there are many other flowers nearby. Is it a wasp? I looked at your site and several others, and can’t find anything that looks like this. Also, is it dangerous? It doesn’t seem aggressive, as the mint is along the side of the driveway and we brush by it getting in and out of our cars and haven’t been stung yet. I hope someone can identify it.
Hedy Hadley
Glassboro, NJ

Well, I revisited the wasp section of your site and found that the photo I sent you is of Scolia dubia – a digger wasp. That might explain the little piles of dirt on the opposite side of the driveway that I blamed on ants or beetles. I’ll have to check this out. I’ve never seen the wasps on the lawn or anyplace else except the mint. Go figure! Hedy Hadley
Glassboro, NJ

Hi Hedy,
You are correct. This is a Digger Wasp, Scolia dubia.

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