Differential Grasshopper

Grasshopper at Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve
Location: Gardena, California
October 9, 2011 9:53 pm
We went over to the Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve today for their first annual ”bug hunt” – not real bugs, just toys set out for the kids. It was part of their second Sunday of the month walk of this very interesting wetlands that is owned by the City of Gardena. This was our first time there and my husband Marty discovered this grasshopper. There was a local entomologist there named Emile Fiesler, but we got a bit ahead of him in the walk as he was mainly there to educate the young children who came for the bug hunt. Can you identify this grasshopper for us?
Signature: Thanks, Anna Carreon

Differential Grasshopper

Hi Anna,
The herringbone pattern on the hind femur is a distinguishing characteristic of the Differential Grasshopper,
Melanoplus differentialis, which BugGuide describes as:  “Forewings, pronotum uniform, without distinctive marks. Black herringbone markings on outer face of hind femora. Yellow hind tibiae.”  BugGuide also notes that the Differential Grasshopper is a “Significant crop pest in the Midwest.”

Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much and we will see you at the Lummis Home this Saturday.  Mom, Marty and I definitely plan to attend and hope that nephew Robby will also be there.  He has an assignment for one of his classes at Cal State Northridge that requires him to be at Madame Tussauds Hollywood this weekend, so he may not be able to be there.  He thinks his Aunt Anna is very quirky and seems to like to come along on as many of my planned outings possible so he can get a few giggles in here and there.  I do have him convinced that I pet bees . . .

Wonderful Anna.  Please introduce yourself.  Quite a few of your images will be featured in the presentation.

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