Devil’s Flower Mantis from Tanzania

Subject: Bug
Location: Western pheriphery of Serengeti Ecosystem, Tanzania
January 14, 2016 11:36 am
Dear Bugman!
During November 2015 I spent three weeks eco-touring in N Tanzania.
The prime reason why I joined is because I compile a trip report. I also publish photos from my trips. I want all my published photos to shoe correct name of species. ( ) I am doing well with birds and mammals. When it comes to reptiles and insects I´m not so good. I have not tried to identify many of the larger “bugs”.
I found this page when I was looking for a scientific name for Spider(hunting) Wasps. This species I saw over the banks of suthern Lake Natron in the reat Rift Valley. I have learned there are at least 15 species of SpiderWasps. It is a long shot, but if I am (very) lucky there is only one Spider Wasp hunting over the banks at the edge of southern Lake Natron.
Please note the bug is pearched on an ipod. Photographed Nov 11.
Are you good with scorpions and turtles as well?
I here enclose
Signature: slit

Devil's Flower Mantis
Devil’s Flower Mantis

Hi Slit,
The mantis posed on the iPad is a Devil’s Flower Mantis,
Idolomantis diabolica, and it really is a distinctive looking insect.  There is an amazing image of a Devil’s Flower Mantis in threat position on PhotoNet.

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