Devil's Coach Horse from France

Unkown bug in France
Location:  Provence , 43degN, 6degE, 550m elevation
October 3, 2010 8:50 pm
This bug was crossing the path we were walking on near St Cezaire, Provence, France. It was approximately 35mm long. When approached it arched it’s abdomen as in the picture. When not threatened it was held straight.
Can you identify it please.
Signature:  Keith Murray

Devil's Coach Horse

Hi Keith,
This is a Devil’s Coach Horse, a type of Rove Beetle.  The Devil’s Coach Horse is a common name applied to several species of native European predatory Rove Beetles that have also been introduced to North America where they are now well established.  THough it looks threatening, it is perfectly harmless to humans.

Thanks Daniel and congratulations on a great web site.

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