Devil Siting

hickory horned devil
I was at the park 8/2/05 and saw our big guy put him in a cup and brought him home. Thanks to your website we found out what he is and what he will be. We also were able to hold him and enjoy him for a short while. It was tough on my daughter (6) when we had to put him back into a walnut tree so he can "grow to be a Royal Walnut Moth" or as my 4yr old son calls him the walnut king moth. After we got threw the tears we let him go. It was hard for us but it was the best thing for The King. Sorry I have not a digital camera but we did take two with a disposable. Thanks again for your fabulous webpage I have and will continue to enjoy it. PS every year we get the generic catapillars you know the ones that are everywhere. There dark and have yellow strips kind of hairy but small. What are they and what do they become. My nieghbor swears that her son got bit by one and had an allergic reaction to it. Is this true? I tried to find a picture of it but could not. We live upstate SC. Thanks again
Robyn from Greenville SC

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