Desert Wolf Spider from Australia

Subject: Funky disco boots Spider Karijini
Location: Karijini, North West Western Australia
December 6, 2016 6:08 am
Camping one night in the out back in WA we pitched up next to a cool spider. this guy lived in a hole about 20mm diameter. When he plucked up the courage he sat out, on top of his hole guarding it like a bouncer at flares, he was out in the evening and had a really vibrant party suit on. white and orange legs and a snow white body.
Any ideas?
curious to find out and haven’t seen anything similar before nor after.
Signature: Tim

Wolf Spider
Desert Wolf Spider

Dear Tim,
We have one previous submission in our archives of a Desert Wolf Spider,
Hoggicosa bicolor, from Western Australia, but that individual is much more yellow than your individual.  There is also an excellent image on FlickR where it states:  “Hoggicosa bicolor is arguably one of the most spectacular wolf spiders in Australia. It is fairly common in the arid zone and can be found in WA, NT, SA, Qld and western NSW. This photograph shows a penultimate male, and as all other Hoggicosa, the male will turn drab with the final moult (see the other photo of a male H. bicolor in this set).”

Thanks Daniel,
Really interested to find out.
Tim Barlow

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