Desert Spider Beetle

Subject: Desert Beetle?
Location: Desert between Nevada and California
March 29, 2016 11:11 am
Can you help me identify this bug please? It’s been driving me nuts! 🙂 It looks like a beetle for sure (to me, anyway) because it had a hard shell. It was about the size of a dime. Found in the desert of Zzyzx, CA (the Desert Science Center), it was a dark gray with a white spot on the head and long black legs.
Signature: Lara

Desert Spider Beetle
Desert Spider Beetle

Dear Lara,
This is a Desert Spider Beetle or Inflated Beetle in the genus
Cysteodemus.  According to BugGuide, Cysteodemus armatus has “white to yellow-brown incrustation” which tends to vary from individual to individual, which explains the white head in your image.

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