Subject: weird bug in the desert
Location: saqqara , egypt
September 15, 2012 6:03 pm
hey bugman , greetings from egypt
illl keep this short and to the point,
found this bug in sakkara egypt near the pyramids. in september, in the sand
any idea what this is??
hisham abdel motaal , cairo egypt
Signature: dr. hisham abdel motaal

Desert Pebble Mantis

Dear dr. hisham abdel motaal,
This is some species of Preying Mantis.  We believe it might be the Desert Pebble Mantis,
Eremiaphila zetterstedti, based on the photos on Global Twitcher.  There is a nice care sheet on Insect Store that includes this description:  “They are plump in appearance with a light mottled sandy coloring. They use this to blend in with the background of their desert habitat. They have incredible long legs which they use to run down their prey! Adults have tiny budwings because they never have the need to fly…and they can’t climb with their running legs as well.”

Location: Africa

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