Derbid Planthopper

Subject: What bugs are these?
Location: Cairns, QLD, Australia
December 3, 2016 7:11 am
Found these in my yard.
Signature: CE

Derbid Planthopper
Derbid Planthopper

Dear CE,
We will be more than happy to attempt to identify the six insects you submitted using a single submission form and with very little information regarding details of the individual images, but we will be doing so at a future date.  In the future, please use our standard submission form available at Ask What’s That Bug? link on our website.  The kinds of things we would love to know about each submission:  time of year imaged, time of day imaged, weather conditions at the time of the sighting, plant upon which the insect was found, and anything else you think our readers may want to know and which may help us in the identification.  We will be leaving town for the holidays and we will be postdating submissions to go live at that time.  We will wait to post your other five insects, posted individually at the end of the year.
Your first image if of a Derbid Planthopper, and its physical resemblance, though not its coloration or markings, greatly resemble this Derbid Planthopper we recently posted from Singapore.  We will attempt to identify your Derbid Planthopper to the species or at least genus level.  Derbid Planthoppers suck fluids from plants and some species may represent agricultural threats.

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