Derbid Planthopper from Singapore

Subject: New Species of Bug?
Location: Chestnut Visitor Center, Singapore
December 1, 2016 2:16 am
To Whom It May Concern,
Can you pls. identify this bug, I found it at Chestnut Visitor Center at Singapore. It looks like it is a newly evolved specie.
Many Thanks in advance!
Signature: Kasmotski69

Possibly Derbid Planthopper
Derbid Planthopper

Dear Kasmotski69,
This really is a crazy looking insect.  We feel confident it is in the order Hemiptera and probably the superfamily Fulgoroidea, the Planthoppers.  It reminds us of the Derbid Planthoppers in the family Derbidae that are pictured on BugGuide, a site devoted to North American species.  We suspect this will take more time to research than we have at this moment.  We found this FlickR posting that supports our supposition.  We will attempt to identify the species later in the day.

Possibly Derbid Planthopper
Derbid Planthopper

Wow thanks a lot guys!

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