Subject: Corpses bearing insect
Location: Guatemala, Lake Atitlan
August 4, 2017 9:21 pm
Dear bugman,
one night i saw what looked like a ball of fluff walking in my room.
I garbed my macro lens and discover it was actually some kind of insect, bearing corpses of other insects. It measure between 5mm long and look a bit like an ant.
Signature: David

Debris Carrying Lacewing Larva

Wow David,
Your image is awesome.  This is one of the best images we have ever received of a debris-carrying Lacewing Larva.

Thanks for the kind words and the identification. 🙂
It is indeed a lacewing larva. Do you know wich region of the world it can be found ? I saw pictures from Europe and America. Seems like a quite common insect, but it is the first time i saw one of those.

Apparently there are debris-carrying Lacewing Larvae in many parts of the world, including Australia.

Location: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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