Deathwatch Beetle

Help with Bug ID
Great site! I went through about 400 bugs and didn’t find one that matched what is in my house in upstate NY lately. I have a suspicion that they were in some logs I brought in for firewood and have not used. On the first warm day this Spring is when I first noticed these guys on the floor, walls, window casing, etc. Mostly confined to one location…near the fireplace. They are a bit over 1/8″ long. Half of them have the antennae similar to the picture, while the other half seem to have just two thin antennae. Other than that, they all look the same. They also all have tiny “graspers” on their hind ends. Color is black. I’m sure this is not something out of the ordinary, but I haven’t seen any similar pictures anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Todd,
We are going to seek Eric Eaton’s help with this identification. Eric quickly wrote back: ” Ha! Yes, those ARE distinctive antennae:-) It is a male anobiid (Anobiidae) in the genus Ptilinis. They are one of the Deathwatch Beetles. The larvae are wood borers in dead, solid wood.”

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