Death's Head Hawkmoth pupa and imago from Portugal

Death’s Head Hawk Moth
Hi Daniel
Kate has asked me to send you the photos I took of the moth (not great I’m
afraid).  We put the caterpillar  into a box with earth on 17th August and
it immediately burrowed.  It emerged at around 10pm on Saturday 11th
September.  Unfortunately the lighting was so bad it was difficult to take
decent photos (plus I’m not a great photographer).

Death's Head Hawkmoth Pupa

I also have a short film which I uploaded to Youtube.  I can either send you
the film direct or the link to Youtube if you would like it.
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards

Death's Head Hawkmoth

Hi Jan
Your photo is most interesting to us because most photos of the Death’s Head Hawkmoth show the signature skull pattern on the thorax, but it is rare to have an image of the undersides of the wings.  If our memory serves us correctly, the original photo Kate sent of the caterpillar was from Portugal.

Thanks Daniel.  You’re right about the caterpillar being found in Portugal, which is where we live.  More precisely just north of Loulé in the Algarve.
Kind regards

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