Dearth of Alaskan Insects

Lack of any kind of insect (Alaska)
February 5, 2010
We are here temporarily (Fairbanks AK), and I have not seen one insect of any kind in three months! It’s really creepy! Not even a house related “bug”. Just one spiderweb. Now even dust bunnies make me jump, as I’m like someone waiting for a balloon to pop. I suppose I’ll pay for this later when the mosquitoes hatch, but it’s sure fun to look at your website for now….
J Sugino

Dear J,
We are sorry to hear about the dearth of insects in Alaska, and your subsequent withdrawals, but it is currently winter there.  We are happy to hear you are getting some pleasure from our website, and we assure you that come spring, you will undoubtedly be graced with some Alaskan insect wildlife.

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