Dead Leaf Mantis from Panama

Subject:  Praying Mantis idenrification
Geographic location of the bug:  Panama Oeste, Panama in the mountsins
Date: 05/10/2019
Time: 03:11 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Please, I saw this praying mantis in the hills of west panama near campana national park. I was a peace corps volunteer there and go back often. Thank you!
How you want your letter signed:  Rachel Calmas

Dead Leaf Mantis

Dear Rachel,
That bright pink abdomen is surely distinctive, and it greatly contrasts the dried leaf camouflage that this Mantis sports.  We quickly located images of a Dead Leaf Mantis,
Acanthops falcata, on Alamy, but alas, the image does not show the pink abdomen.  This image on Photo Net beautifully illustrates the pink coloration on the abdomen.

Dead Leaf Mantis
Yes! That’s the mantis. You were not able to identify what specific type?
Thank you for trying.
Hi again Rachel,
We don’t understand your response.  What is nonspecific about the species name Acanthops falcata?  How much more specific would you like us to get? 
Hi Daniel,
Thank you! I apologize that I misread you original email. When you said the image on Almay did not show the pink abdomen I thought you were stating it was not a match. I’m delighted to know species name. It is a beautiful mantis.
With much appreciation,

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