Dead Head Fly from Cyprus

Subject: Another Dead Head Fly (this time in Cyprus)
Location: Nicosia (Leftkoşa), Cyprus
February 16, 2014 6:26 pm
Because it’s that time of the year again when Cyprus explodes with life I thought I’d go through my pics from last February. Imagine my surprise to find another Dead Head fly which I actually captured with the camera before the ones I’ve already sent in from Porto and London?
I do remember this one was very camera shy but I did not know what kind of bug it was at the time as I didn’t even realize there were so many different and amazing flies then. It was also the only one of this type I saw while there even though the island was covered to bursting with life. So sadly the pics are not the best but I do have several better photos of other bugs coming soon.
Anyway, thought it would be cool to start off with one of the flies because they can be so pretty and many of them are actually very beneficial (heck, even the flesh flies and bottle flies break down waste while also being pollinators) with some of the hover flies even eating aphids when in their larval stage.
Hope you are enjoying the “slow” season.
Signature: Curious Girl

Dead Head Fly
Dead Head Fly

Dear Curious Girl,
Thank you for supplying us with an image of this interesting Flower Fly or Hover Fly from the family Syrphidae that had thoracic markings that resemble a human skull.  This nicely compliments your images of Dead Head Flies from London and Portugal.

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