Darkling Beetles: Edrotes ventricosus

Identification request
Location: Moapa, Nevada
January 28, 2012 8:43 pm
I’m after an identification confirmation or other options. Images of Paracotalpa deserta are the hardest to find of the four species. That said, this matches Field Guide to Beetles of California description for a ”Little Bear” scarab beetle with January thru March time of appearance, creosote-bursage desert habitat, and general description as ”black”. These were 9mm long.
Signature: Bruce Lund

Darkling Beetle: Edrotes ventricosus

Dear Bruce,
The antennae on these beetles are wrong for a Scarab.  We believe we have correctly identified it as a Darkling Beetle, Edrotes ventricosus, by matching to photos posted to BugGuide.  The species has been reported in California and Nevada.

Darkling Beetles: Edrotes ventricosus

THANK YOU for the identification AND especially for the antennae comment.
The latter sent me back to field guides and websites to look at what I
missed and OF COURSE the antennae are not correct for a scarab beetle and
are correct for the Tenebrionidae. I’m just starting to work in the
insects and my learing curve is nearly vertical.

You are most welcome Bruce.  It always helps to have more than one set of eyes when doing unusual or difficult identifications.

7 thoughts on “Darkling Beetles: Edrotes ventricosus”

  1. Both my husband and I saw this type of beetle today in our independent work areas…. I have not seen this before and was not sure what it was– pretty neat we saw them a mile apart

  2. I just found one of these in my front yard near Inyokern,CA. Cutest beetle ever!! I have a photo if anyone is interested. Thanks!

  3. I am in the Mojave desert and saw an Edrotes under a pincushion stem. When I moved the stem, it ran and something small and round dropped off its back. That “something” ran after it and crawled back up. It was the baby! Has anyone observed something like that in a beetle?


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