Darkling Beetle: But Which Species???

Subject: Philolithus morbillosus?
Location: West Texas
April 29, 2013 12:02 pm
We took this picture in Guadulupe Mountians National Park in West Texas. The only think I found similar to it on the internet is Philolithus morbillosus. We found it in July of 2012.
Signature: Tinker

Darkling Beetle
Darkling Beetle

Dear Tinker,
We do not believe you have correctly identified this Darkling Beetle correctly.  If you look at the images of
Philolithus morbillosus from BugGuide, you can see that the elytra or wing covers are more sculpted and the shape of the thorax is different.  We also believe you have the correct tribe, Asidini, as well as the correct family Tenebrionidae, the Darkling Beetles.  See examples of Asidini on BugGuide.  We will try to get Eric Eaton’s opinion, however he informed us he is traveling and will have limited internet access.

Eric Eaton confirms our suspicions
No, we are traveling NEXT week.  I’ve got blog assignments for a third party, though, so….
I believe this is a species of Asidopsis, but there are other similar genera, so….

Thanks Eric,
We suspected this was in the tribe Asidini, and
Asidopsis seemed like a good possibility.

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