Damselfly Naiad (Hoax: altered photograph????)

Strange insect
Hello – I found this critter in the Marys River, Corvallis OR, in some reeds on the bank. It is about 1 3/4 inches long. Can you help me figure it out?
Arthur Pelegrin

Hi Arthur,
This is a Damselfly Nymph known as a Naiad. They can be recognized by the trifurcate feathery gills on the tail end. Damselflies are related to Dragonflies, but are more delicate in form. Our big curiosity is the extra pair of legs. Could this image be digitally altered?????

Hi! The critter in the picture is an immature Calopteryx aequibilis, and the extra pair of legs and extra antenna are tricks of computer graphic editing. I’m an aquatic entomology teacher and sometimes use that picture to see if my students are paying attention, I just sent it to you as a joke. I hope you won’t take it amiss, I think you are providing a very valuable and commendable service with your website. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to the day when everyone knows what a toebiter is (you seem to get a lot of requests for that one!) Cheers and grins,
Arthur Pelegrin

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