Damselfly Naiad from the UK

Aquarium Larva
March 19, 2010
I know it’s not your usual fare, but I’m hoping you could help identify this larva. I found this specimen living in the filter of my tropical aquarium.
It is about 12mm long, and was not present a month ago. The water is hard, with a pH or 8.0 exactly, at around 25.5 degrees Celcius.
There were three specimens in the filter, all around the same size, but no evidence of any others anywhere else.
Thanks in advance.
Reading, UK

Damselfly Naiad

Hi Nik,
This immature Damselfly is known as a Naiad.  It was probably introduced to the aquarium on plants.

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  1. These larvae are [or, once again, perhasp “were”] among the edible insects harvested from freshwater in Japan, various parts of South America, and elsewhere.

    Once, in a rather antiquated volume on insects, I read that ‘all aquatic insects can be eaten.’ I’m not so sure of this, but it might be true. I haven’t read about any particularly toxic aquatic species.



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