Damselfly from Canada

Re-sending the damselfly
Location: Parksville, Vancouver Island
November 28, 2011 5:26 pm
Hi Bugman,
I will do. All subjects were taken mid-to-late spring 2009, all some time in the afternoon to evening, around the 3-6 time frame. Naturally, all were taken on bright, clear days; mild climate, light breezes. All were on the same rocky beach.
So far as unusual conditions/behaviours go, the most remarkable thing was the lack of it. I mentioned before that the skipper posed for me; in fact, it alighted in the middle of a path of overgrown grass and bramble (almost to my chest), and even amidst much crashing on my part, stayed almost perfectly still. All photos were taken with barely any zooming in; they were very amiable towards my getting the camera inches from their faces. The spiderlings I found under a flat stone on a large log lying horizontally on the beach; I found the jumper on the same log.
The photo I’m attaching is of the same damselfly I sent earlier. Here it was on its first perch. It flew off once and relocated on a log before deciding that I wasn’t a threat.
Signature: Geoff


Hi again Geoff,
Thanks for providing all of that additional information regarding the Arctic Skipper and the Zebra Jumper.

Damselfly eats Sand Flea


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