Cuckoo Wasp from UK

Subject: small green and purple wasp?
Location: Wolverhampton UK
July 21, 2013 3:38 am
Saw this bug that appeared to be a wasp in the bus stop by my house in Wolverhampton UK. Never seen anything like it before so was interested. It was under an inch long very metallic colours with a bold almost turquoise green abdomen and purple rump. Any ideas
Signature: Adam

Ruby Tailed Wasp or other???
Ruby Tailed Wasp or other???

Dear Adam,
We thought this was going to be easy, but now we are not certain.  Last year we posted a photo of what we identified as a Ruby Tailed Wasp,
Hedychridium roseum, a species of Cuckoo Wasp.  Today, we tried to verify that and we found the BWars page which describes the wasp as being:  “Hedychridium roseum can be diagnosed by the dull, as opposed to shining, abdomen – unique to this species amongst British Hedychridium.”  It is difficult to discern if the abdomen on your specimen is dull or shining, but our previous post appears to be shining.  That brings us to another possibility, Chrysis fulgida, which we discovered on The Guardian and then verified on BWars and BioLib.  To further complicate matters, BWars has other similarly colored species, including Pseudospinolia neglecta, yet another UK Cuckoo Wasp pictured on BWars.  So, this is a Cuckoo Wasp, with a general name of Ruby Tailed Wasp, but we are not certain of the genus nor species.

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