Crusader Bug Hatchlings from Australia

Subject: A cluster of black and orange bugs in Western Australia
Location: Perth, Western Australia
November 5, 2013 7:27 pm
Hi there! I have been busy over the last year bringing my desolate (rental house) garden from a sand out to a lush garden with flowers and veggies. So far so good, and I am seeing lots of biodiversity now!
I found this cluster of bugs in the fence around my veggie patch this morning… I was hoping they are assassin bugs, but I can’t see any mouthparts. Any ideas?
Signature: Jess

Coreid Hatchlings
Holy Cross Bug Hatchlings

Dear Jess,
We quickly identified your Coreid Bug Hatchlings as Crusader Bugs or Holy Cross Bugs,
Mictis profana, thanks to the Brisbane Insect site.  They are plant sucking insects and the site states:  “The bugs feed on Acacia, Cassia and some other garden plants.”

Immature Holy Cross Bugs
Immature Holy Cross Bugs

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