Crusader Bug from Australia

Subject: Grasshopper (?)
Location: South West WA
February 16, 2015 5:40 am
I have not seen this type of grasshopper (?) on my farm in 15 years – is it something ‘exotic’ or have I just been missing them?
I found two of them earlier today (Mon 16 Fed 2015) in a wisteria that is creeping over the fencing in my driveway entrance.
They seem to be able to fly quite well – and make quite a bit of noise doing it! The noise is what alerted me to their presence.
Signature: John

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I have managed to identify the insect in the query I submitted earlier – it is a CRUSADER BUG

Crusader Bug
Crusader Bug

Dear John,
We are happy you identified your Crusader Bug prior to our response, and we are thrilled to be able to add a new Big Legged Bug or Leaf Footed Bug in the family Coreidae from Australia to our archives as our existing images of the species are all of immature nymphs.  More about the Crusader Bug,
Mictis profana, can be found on the Brisbane Insect website.

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