Great Black Wasp and Katydid prey

cricket eating big black bee?
I stumbled onto your web site and figured I’d ask you what the heck is this big black bee, and why is it eating a cricket? I got a picture of it dragging it into it’s hole in the ground. What is it?
Andy from Upstate, NY

Hi Andy,
Your bee is actually a wasp known as a Great Black Wasp,
Sphex pennsylvanicus. It has captured a Katydid, not a cricket. The wasp will not eat the Katydid, but instead lay an egg on its paralyzed body. The larval wasp then has a fresh supply of meat. Like most wasps, the adult Great Black Wasps feed on nectar and pollen.  They are not considered an aggressive species.

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  1. We have had these wasps next to our pool stairs for years. They show up around mid summer and stay around a month. They circle and fly around, drop katydids into the pool but they have never stung anyone.


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