Cricket eats Bearded Tooth Mushroom

Story of the fungi, grasshopper and spider?
Location: Pratts Falls in Onondaga County NY
March 4, 2011 2:55 pm
Hi there. I am a photographer in NY. While out to photograph waterfalls (Pratts Falls in NY to be exact) I cam upon this incredibly impressive Bearded Tooth mushroom (Hericium erinaceus). My mom is into mycology so I thought she would find this fascinating. I was not equipped with macro gear so the images are not the best quality but we thought you may enjoy them. On this fungi was what we think is a grasshopper or cricket. We are not sure exactly what it is. But he even had a hitchhiker. A little tiny spider. Again we are not sure what type of spider this is. Perhaps you will have a little info to share on the types of insects they are and might enjoy the uniqueness of this photo. Thank you for any info.
Signature: Tristi

Cricket eats Fungus and transports Spider

Hi Tristi,
Thanks so much for sending us your photo.  The insect is a Cricket, and we do not recognize the hitchhiking Spider.  The image is so small, it may not be possible to correctly identify the spider.  Our research indicates that the Bearded Tooth Mushroom is edible.

Cricket eating Bearded Tooth Mushroom

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